Dot Trombone App v4.0
Dot Trombone App v4.0

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Version Notes

  • Transcriber files can be imported from local files (on some systems) and from url.
  • Imported files are saved in the local file system for faster access.
  • Microphone recordings are saved to local file system.
  • Time stretch fine tuning with octaves, semitones and cents. Some devices are too slow to do this well and produce a skipping sound. Clicking Disable Pitch Shift in Settings solves this. Octaves will still be active but the others will be disabled. You usually have to do this on mobile devices.
  • Transcriber settings are saved automatically so you don't lose your place.
  • Added the loop mixer program.
  • Loop mixer can load any xml from a url (in settings) so that you can load in your own music.
  • Loop mixer records. Press the "R" button on the track you want to record over and then press REC. Latency is set in settings. This feature may not be perfect. There is no way to save the recordings yet.


  1. On some devices, the transcriber open up so small you can't see it. There are "bigger" and "smaller" buttons in the "view" menu in that app, but it may be too small to see or interact with. I'll put "bigger" and "smaller" buttons in settings too.
  2. On some devices, the transcriber open and open demo list boxes have an extra large font.
  3. On some devices, the first song loaded in the transcriber doesn't save to the open menu. If you load another song, they will start saving to the open menu.

Feature Requests

  • It would be nice to have a master volume slider up by the settings button.
  • Metronome
  • Tuner
  • Artists menu in transcriber app. Other artists could be built into the app.
  • Artists menu in settings for loop mixer. Other artists could be built into the app.