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> list Client's Games

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> list Dot Trombone Games

Programmed in 24 hours in 2007. Redone for mobile with a new design in 2011. Thanks to Dave and Brandon at DHX Advertising for the graphics. You made this one shine!!
Snood Clone: Snood Clone on
** really nice, done in 2005 - programmed in about 120 hours, includes level designer **
Micropede: Micropede
This one never quite made it to prime time. There is a bug in the bug game!!
Maze-ing Earth:
Made in conjunction with maze-ologist Warren Stokes. This is really a prototype, but has my best hand coded collision detection.
Scrabble: Scrabble on
Programmed in 160 hours in 2005.
Backgrammon: Backgrammon on
One month of programming in 2006.
Bumper Bubbles: Bumper Bubbles
Programmed in 4 hours in 2004.

History of Rand's Games

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