Rand Barnett - Make a 3d video gaming engine with basic math and programming - Home part 1


** I've brough back the videos in this section in 2018. The videos have background music playing in them which is conceivably a copyright violation. The videos are pretty much a rough draft too and need to be redone. But this is good content, so I'm putting it back up until I can redo the videos. Hopefully I can get to that soon.

This is a tutorial for beginning computer programmers. The only knowledge required is basic math (ie multiplying and dividing) and understanding of English. If you are viewing this, you have all the hardware and software that is required. Here is the table of contents:

1. Intro – 1:13
2. Math
a. Math 1 – 9:54
b. Math 2 – 8:59
3. Code
a. Part 1 – 17:19
b. Part 2 – 42:23
c. Part 3 – 4:45
d. Part 4 – 52:27
e. Part 5 – 26:20
e. Part 6 – 21:12 ish
f. Part 7 – 1:00:10

Total: 4:05:42 – That is 4 hours, five minutes and 42 seconds.

Here is what we will produce in that four hours:

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
Again, all you need to know to do this lesson is how to multiply and divide. This lesson is perfect for children. All we are doing is intelligently placing dots (and lines), on the screen. To tell you the truth, I didn't know anything about the method for placing the dots when I started the camera rolling.

OK, let's get started. Click here to go to the Intro