This is the music of Rand Barnett. For Sam Burton's music page, click here.
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All music on this page was composed, performed and recorded by Rand Barnett including all the drum programming.

Dragonfly - 2018
So where are the dang bones in this thing anyway?
Here they are:

  • Half Pipe My first good multi-track recording (1999).
  • Space Hippies A very nice early techno track.
  • The Next Dot This is where the idea of dot trombone came from. Nice keyboards.
  • What's Wrong? RnB keys and trombone.
  • Igotarock This is my rocker techno track with lots of bass.
  • Dirty Pot This one is a rocker too. It's got a little bit of a tweakier sound.
  • Regroup Me I'm playing Marc's piano on this techno track.
  • AJ Piano Some of my better piano playing.

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** new 2015 ** Dot Dot Dot - Recording in the fall of 2004 and posted for the first time in 2015.