Dot Trombone LLC / Rand Barnett

Software Development

  • Mobile and Desktop Apps with Adobe AIR
  • Windows Apps with Visual Studio and C#
  • Web Apps and Server Programming with PHP/MySQL
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery
  • XML/JSON Webservices
  • Arduino Programming
  • Ubuntu Server

Dot Trombone LLC is the sole proprietor software development business of Rand Barnett. This website is a mix of Rand's personal and professional music and programming.

I've been programming computers since the Apple II / IBM PC era. I made my first website in 1999 for my music. I've been programming full time more or less since 2002. I've been earning a living at it since 2007. I do a mixture of educational programming, business programming, and art projects. I'm able to make hybrid apps that run on most devices and use PHP/MySQL for the backend. I also make data driven custom websites.

Past and current clients include:

Belle & Wissell
Nice Touch
360 Labs
Malarkey Roofing
Grand & Benedicts
DHX Advertising
Teachers Development Group