The Dot Trombone App



* Update 2022-11-12 I'm abandoning the app stores. I'm supporting Windows .exe files and side loaded Android .apk files. I'm using a Kindle Fire 10 with my side loaded Dot Trombone app and that is working great.

* Update Fall 2022

The "Computer Room" was added. This is an app made around 2012 that is based on the Reason Matrix Synthesier. It has the ability to tune a sine wav to any frequency. It has a basic pattern sequencer. And it allows you to change the pitch and division of the octave in real time.

The Dot Trombone App is a transcribing utility and loop mixer app. The transcriber part of the app was made in 2009. I've been using this app on my iPad a lot in the last year to learn the chords and melodies to songs I want to sing. It really does work great. The big play/pause and rewind buttons make transcribing a snap. I even used it last night on my PC with an ultrawide monitor and my Finale software.

The iOS version of the transcriber only allows you to import mp3 files that you have saved on a server. Just navigate to the mp3 file on your server in Safari and copy the address. Then you can go to File->New in the transcriber app and paste the URL in with the button click. It's a bit of a hassle having to post it on a server, but it was the best I could do with my non-existant budget for this project. What can I say? It's funcational and I'm using it.

The loop mixer was created around 2015. I had this on my website and then well, Flash died, so I made it into an app. I've got a lot of music loops that I've done exclusively for it. You can also upload your own files and loops. Just click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen and you'll see the Import XML space. You'll have to post your XML and mp3 files on a server of course.