Dot Trombone LLC EST 2011

Software Development

Unleash the power of automation in your business.

Reconcile records automatically in the middle of the night to catch human error. Send automated emails to alert customer service to errors. Create automated Excel reports for your data analyst team.

Automatically generate PDF files. Package batches of PDF files in ZIP files for download or email attachments.

Conflict Simulator

Harley Davidson Engine Wall

Sid the Science Kid | Aha! Math

Custom Login Systems

Locks out users for 15 minutes after 10 login attempts and sends email of the lockout to admin users. After another 10 failed attempts, locks out user for 24 hours and notifies admin again.

Admin users can log in as any user in the system for better customer service.

Control Hardware

Control hardware using an Arduino. Control stepper motors, relays and LED's. Arduinos can be controlled with Windows computers. Gather input from buttons, switches, and potentiometers. Connect to 3rd party devices like scales and BMS (battery management systems). Custom protocols to communicate between devices.

Collect Data in the Field

Use mobile devices to capture audio, images, pen drawings and text and then send that information to the server for storage and data analysis operations.

Windows Apps

Windows apps are especially good for interacting with files. They can quickly read files and send them to a server. They can also be used to read data and display them in interactive lists.


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Dot Trombone LLC is the sole proprietor company of Rachel Rand. Rachel does the programming and contracts out design work as needed.