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Welcome to my apps/products page!

I've got several games and utility programs available.

** I'll have more detailed instructions with screenshots/pictures for installing my apps soon.

When you install the Windows apps, Windows says something about the app being from an unknown source. Just click the "Learn More" or "More Info" button at the top of that window and then a "Run Anyway" button will appear at the bottom of that window.

I had a problem installing one of my apps the other day. The apps are built with Adobe AIR and it gave an error that Adobe AIR could not be installed on my machine. I wound up having to install Adobe AIR from the Harman website. You can get it here.

Apple has been changing the way they are doing things lately. It looks like you can't install a 3rd party app directly on a Mac now. It sure seems odd, but I just do not see that button in settings anymore. Because of this and other issues, I'm pretty much discontinuing support for Mac with my apps. Sorry about that. It's been a real pain for independent developers like myself to support many different platforms.

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DT Virtual Accounts

Dot Trombone App


DT Picture Viewer

DT Mirror

Dot Font Creator


DT Versioning Backup

DT Kitchen Timers

DT Password Manager

Bumper Bubbles