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Dot Trombone App v4.0

The newly redesigned Dot Trombone app is now availabile. Go to the Transcriber page to get it!

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Music and Programming

Music Vibration Theory (FLASH, 2010, 2016)


This is the math of vibration. I added the Reason Matrix Sequencer to this in November of 2016.

Transcriber (FLASH, iOS, Android, 2009)


No, it doesn't transcribe for you. You use it to rewind and loop to transcribe with. It is a little cumbersome to use (logins), but works well.

Virtual Trombone (FLASH, 2008)

V-Bone / Trombone Game

I'm going to clean this up soon. Good explaination of how the trombone works. It records and some day I would like to make it multi-track record. And then be able to share with others. This might be surprisingly easy to do, but it is sitting on the stack of things to do right now.

WAV Synthesizer (FLASH, 2006)

Wav Synthesizer

This is Flash and PHP. The Flash part of it allows you to senquence some music using a sine wav with overtone variations. Then clicking Publish sends the data to PHP which turn it into a .wav file. Then it gives you a link to it.